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Have all website pages smartphone/tablet (iOS/Android) optimised

With lots of traffic now on mobile devices it would be a great idea to include necessary display for small screened devices especially the Apple iOS and Android devices - nearly everyone has a smart phone now days!

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  • Jun 16 2017
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    24 Sep, 2018 09:11pm

    Yes totally agree, MYOBAtlas websites do need to be optimised for small screen devices, because if they are not people using phones are less likely to bother with the website and therefore MYOBAtlas websites are missing out on a huge sector of the market.

    When I view my MYOBAtlas website on a phone it is not at all enticing, only offering a "View full website' directive to click on. This can lose people right then and there.

    Please look at making MYOBAtlas websites mobile-friendly.

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    18 Jun, 2017 10:48pm

    Thanks for reply team. To be precise, a friend from overseas used the android phone when I gave him my site address, and it was a customer who used a smartphone which is a clone of the HTC series (a made in China smartphone); so I cannot give you the exact data you ask for sorry. They both were able to reach my site via web browsers on their desktop pcs' at later dates; but I did miss out on a sale from the customers end, which kinda makes me a tad nervous in terms of my business I must stress. More to the point: The fact that these two visitors had mobiles both crashed was alarming to me as an owner-operator because it means that so too will other visitors run the risk of crashing when they visit via mobiles. My friend overseas tells me his browser on mobile was an "Opera" browser, and errors told him scripts/data prevented his access. This is where we as Atlas customers have no control over editing our scripts "as the faults occur in real-time" Again; I cannot stress enough how important this is as a business. Both visitors were trying to access my home page. My son visited on his Vodafone 845, he did get there but everything was way too big in terms of viewing & it took forever for us to scroll up, down & around the home page. Back to the other two crashes; they were able to "Google" my site on their mobiles but again crashed when they went to access site. The fact that MyobAtlas states their websites are both PC & Smartphone compatible was really the determining factor that I decided to join up in the first instance. There does not appear to be much data on your forums, and information relating to any mobile phone issues, or support other than going back & forth via how you are currently communicating to me now.

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    18 Jun, 2017 10:48pm

    "Hi AMiGO Reggie Sorry to hear you are having issues. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate this and in order to assist you, I need to able to replicate it on our end. Can you please provide us with the following information to assist us? 1. What time and date did this issue occur? 2. What version of Android are you using? 3. What device were you using? 4. What browser and version were you using? 5. Did a web page error display? If so, what did the error say (i.e. Page can’t be found, Page unavailable etc.)? 6. When the error occurred, what page were you trying to view on your Atlas site (i.e. Homepage, Gallery etc.)? Thanks for your assistance with this matter. "

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    18 Jun, 2017 10:44pm

    Tested my website via Android smartphone & it crashed because of myobatlas scripts & incompatibility issues that are a direct myobatlas issue as we have absolutely zero control over how we can optimize our websites to address such issues. This is most frustrating as myobatlas tell us their website are both web and mobile compatible.

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    18 Jun, 2017 10:43pm

    Mobile optimisation would stop the Indian call centres calling me and telling me they can optimise my site for mobile viewing. Sick of those calls!

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